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RO Dando and Sons have worked on 2 separate contracts for Wincanton Racecourse. In 2003, we completed a paddock redevelopment which included a new Jockey Club, Pre-parade ring and extensive areas of tarmac and paving. The picture on the bottom left shows a pathway of Quattro Paving laid for the horses.

In 2005, new stables were erected on the site. The stables themselves were prefabricated units supplied and installed by specialists. As part of this project, we were contracted to construct raft foundations for the new stables, install services to the site including a new water main. The entire site was also raised using recycled hardcore from demolition to overcome drainage issues.

Both projects were completed in the closed season at the request of the client in order to minimise disruption to the race calendar.

Wincanton Racecourse

“For the first time ever it has been a pleasure to have builders at the racecourse”

- Stephen Higgins, Racecourse Manager